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Social Data Yields Customer Insights for CPG Brands

                      Consumer brands have been at the forefront of market research to better understand how their customers interact with their brands. But consumer brands have lagged behind their Retail partners in deeply understanding the behavior patterns of their customers at an individual-level. Good news: The […]

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The Value of Likes and Follows


Studies highlighting the value of a like or a follower are starting to become more prominent. Every now and then, a research paper will be published that reveals that these fans in the social world are really valuable. The problem: studies are always revealing about a brand that is not yours. This is a stimulating […]

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The Rise of Customer Influencers

ferris wheel

Winning over customers that win you more customers How valuable is a customer? As we discussed in a previous post, this question has always been answered by how much money customers spent or how often he visited. While that remains incredibly important we now have the means to augment customer value with “social value”. Instead […]

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The Other 99%


Customers live outside of your brand interaction Almost all brands know that their customers only spend a small percent of their time and energy focused on their brand.  As a result, customer insights tend to evolve around purchase history, channel preferences, browse paths, etc. to capture this small slice of time that customers are engaged […]

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